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Streaming API support

nforce8 supports the Streaming API. Connecting to one of your channels (PushTopics, Generic Channels, or Platform Events) is easy using nforce. Here’s how you create a streaming client and subscribe to a PushTopic.

Push Topics

topic: (String:Required) An string value for the streaming topic. This should include the entire topic location:

  • /topic/<PushTopicName> for PushTopic channel
  • /systemTopic/<SystemTopicName> for system PushTopics
  • /u/<GenericChannelName> for Generic Streaming Channels
  • /event/<PlatformEventName> for Platform Events

Replay Id

replayId: (Integer:Optional) The replayId of the last received event. Used for replaying events in Durable Streaming or Platform Events

  • -1 for new events only
  • -2 replay all events
  • a number: replay from there