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Ich geh meine eigenen Wege.

Triggered by a post on vowe.net I digged out lyrics from on of my favourite song writers: Heinz Rudolf Kunze. I like his older songs best. When I talk to people here, especially to young students, I hear a lot about qualifications and titles they want to achieve to make a stellar carrier preferably in the government or a MNC. How different that is from what is driving me:
" Ich geh meine eigenen Wege,
ein Ende ist nicht abzusehn.
Eigene Wege sind schwer zu beschreiben,
sie entstehen ja erst beim Gehn."
-- HRK Meine Eigenen Wege.

(for non German speaking readers):
"I go my own ways,
the end cannot be seen.
Own ways are difficult to describe,
they unfold only when you walk them." (sorry the Rhythm and rime got lost in translation).  

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