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By Date: March 2007

The Future of Java in the Enterprise

Working for IBM has its special perks. One of them is direct access to a huge bunch of really smart people. As you might (or might not) know IBM is maintaining its own version of the Java JVM. In a recent chat with our researchers I could take a glimpse into the future of Java for the enterprise. Since there will be so many new features this upcoming version it will be named "Java Enterprise Edition Extreme" or short J3E (or as the researchers like to put it: J E power three). Based on IBM's version of Java 8 (we jump a few version to get ahead of SUN), it will not only feature all time favourites as Aspect Oriented Programming ( AOP), an multi-core threading optimized compiler (MTOC) but also a new persistence interface (code name "deep freeze") that persists Java objects into various open standard disk structures (my favourite being Linux EXT4 streams).
But there is more to come: IBM's processor unit will release new versions of the Cell and Power processor families, that feature a Java-On-Silicon JVM (JOS-VM) making Java execute without the need of an operating system. Lotus Expeditor will take advantage of this new abilities. Especially the upcoming Cell Micro processor with barely 0.1 Watt power consumption will be a hit for mobile devices running J3E applications ( IBM Websphere Portal on your wrist watch anyone?).
Of course Java Developers will have to get used to a few changes. D. Doligez from our research labs explained to me: "The biggest change is, that we had to let go of the venerable Web Application Repository (WAR) files. It simply can't deploy to all our target JVMs especially the JOS-VMs. We created a new format we call "Lean Object Versatile Extension" (LOVE) that will serve as container for both regular Java 8 as well as J3E applications. To create files in this new format we will not only support Ant and Maven but also the popular make utility".
IBM marketing is planning a media blitz to introduce J3E once it is ready for prime time. They have enlisted a well known artist to promote J3E with IBM's new Java 3E tag line.

Update: An early version of IBM's Java8 is available for download.

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Loading your own plug-ins into Notes 8

Notes 8 is build using Lotus Expeditor which is an Eclipse RCP application.
So theoretically you should be able to load your own plug-ins (which might not even be Notes related). Of course this is utterly not supported <g> (The supported way is to have the admin pushing them out to you). The functionality to point to an Eclipse Updates site is by default switched off. To switch it on locate this file: <notes install dir>\framework\rcp\plugin_customization.ini

Add one line: com.ibm.notes.branding/enable.update.ui=true

and restart the Notes client. You will get access to the standard Eclipse Update site dialog here:

loading Plugins

It would be interesting to hear what plug-ins work ( Azureus anyone)

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Why is Enterprise Web 2.0 like Teenage Sex?

  • It is on everybody's mind all the time.
  • Everyone is talking about it all the time.
  • Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.
  • Almost no one is really doing it.
  • The few who are doing it are
    • doing it poorly
    • sure it will be better next time
    • not practicing it safely.

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Designer in Eclipse --- some updates

The reactions to the DDE petition were mixed. While some were enthusiastic, others  were concerned, Maureen even cut time from her busy schedule to put things into perspective. I surly underestimated the weight people would give the fact that I'm "on the inside" (is is less then 12 month vs. 15 years as business partner), rather than seeing an initiative driven by "the godfather" of the Asean Lotus user community. The law of unintended consequences in full swing.
The development team working for Maureen was very curious to see how people would react, we had very pleasant chats when I met them at LCTY in Mumbai a few days ago. They are genuinely interested to know what features and functions Domino developers are looking for and how to create a tool that makes developers more productive. They now monitor the petition database and might some when in the future contact people how have consented to be so. We had a discussion what role XML and specifically DXL could play in a future Domino Designer. As Maureen mentioned in her blog " How can you influence the feature set? Please just ask!" So I asked and within the constrain of available time got a good conversation going. I have the impression the project is well under way and we can expect great things, just a little patience is needed (not my strength).

Now a few interesting facts:
While the global market share for Firefox is estimated around 14%, the signers of the petition seem to be more eager using it: 64.3% were on Firefox, 28.6% on IE and 7.1% on other browsers (this evaluated from the browser string which could be camouflaged in Opera or Firefox), 91.6% were users of Windows, 4.2% of Linux and 3.8% of MacOS. Only 17% of the Firefox users were still on Firefox 1.x, while only 26.4% of the Internet Explorer users had upgraded to IE7.

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